The Source Jewelry Stores and Pawn Shops Turn to — SHR!


Steve Hartz provides no surprises and no disappointments when it comes to buying your gold and silver. Florida’s #1 gold buyers, SHR,  has now grown to be the source jewelry stores and pawn shops turn to for buying and selling diamonds as well. At SHR, we provide a moment of magic, not misery, for our clients. We guarantee to exceed your expectations! With more than 3 decades in the precious metals and diamond jewelry industry, Steve and Ben are your source for success! Our “concierge” service provides the top-notch treatment you deserve! Honesty, Integrity and Ethics are three traits we take very seriously. When you partner with SHR, you not only receive our “no surprises, no disappointments” gold scrap refining guarantee, but you also receive value-added services such as Energizer watch batteries, diamonds, and fashion jewelry!


Great news! Steve Hartz and SHR Precious Metals, Inc. has joined Obaku Watch Denmark.