got SHR? Testimonials on Florida’s #1 Gold, Diamond, Watch Buyers!

sRodney CooperRodney C., owner of a pawnshop in FL, .says, “Steve Hartz is the most dependable, honest, reliable and trustworthy gold buyer I have ever dealt with in the 20 years I have been in the business.”

testMax M., a jeweler in FL says, “I have never met anybody as dependable and as easy to work with than Steve in my 35 years in business.


Ed T., a pawnshop owner in FL, says: “Doing business with Ben is awesome. We always look forward to selling our scrap to him. He is simply a pleasure to work with.”

“Steve’s okay for a Yankee. He is very fair, honest and trustworthy . . .”Robert L.¬†Owner of a FL pawn shop.

“Steve Hartz is a fantastic partner in gold refining” Julia M., MI.

“I have yet to meet a refiner who is easier to work with and as on the ball as Steve Hartz,” Jeff T., jeweler in SC.

“Ben and Steve have got to be one of the most easy-going, likable guys you will ever meet. They have such a positive attitude and show that they really care about our success,” Brian S., a store manager in FL.

“Steve’s service is super. We have never dealt with a more dependable and consistent refiner in the more than 30 years we’ve been in business,”
Elizabeth C., owner of a jewelry store in FL.

“Steve has proven that honesty and integrity really do exist in the refining industry,” Holly W., pawn and jewelry owner.

“Ben has treated us like royalty. We have sold him Rolex and other watches. His cash price was spot on for us,” Robert K., a jeweler in FL.

* The full identity of the individuals who gave testimonials have been concealed for their privacy.