Commitment To Compliance

We pledge our company and all of its employees are committed to full compliance with all the laws and regulations, which pertain to the US Patriot Act and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Compliance Program. This program protects us as well as the refiner against money laundering and funding terrorist groups. We are committed not only to compliance and communicating compliance in all of our transactions with our suppliers and customers, but we also make this pledge in the interests upholding the ethics and integrity of the jewelry industry and pawnshop industry,

SHR Precious Metals, Inc. must have a signed copy of this agreement in order to maintain its compliance to the US Patriot Act and AML Program.

The AML Form is Part of the U.S.A. Patriot Act / AML Compliance Program. This Program Protects Both the Client and the Refiner Against Money Laundering and Funding Terrorist Groups.
Please fill out the form including your email address. When your finished, please click fax to SHR at (321) 401-4201.


Company or Owners Name(s): _____________________________________________________


Physical Address: ________________________________________________________________________________


Industry: ________________________________________________________________________

Taxpayer I.D. number: __________________________

Entity Type: (Sole Proprietor, Partnership, Corporation, or LLC) _____________________________

Are you in compliance with the USA Patriot Act and its Anti-Money Laundering regulations, or are you

_____ Yes, we are in compliance with the Patriot Act as it concerns our industry.
_____ No, we are not in compliance with the Patriot Act as it concerns our industry. (if answer is No, SHR is unable to do business with your store, no exceptions)

Name of Company Representative (print): ______________________________________________

Signature of Company Representative: ______________________________________________


Please fill out all sections! Thank you!