Steve’s 5 C’s of Refining

SHR operates on 5Cs — Cash, Convenience, Consistency, Confidence and Control. SHR pays cash on the “spot” — either by its in-person visits to clients’ stores and pawn shops or by immediate cash settlements with all shipped scrap. This provides our clients with the utmost convenience. Knowing that you’re getting paid on the karat stamp and not on a fire assay, will not only give you 110% confidence, but it will also put YOU in complete control over your settlement, so there will be no surprises and no disappointments!

The company pays on actual Gold…NOT Melt. There is no guessing on what your gold will be worth after its set on fire. Then it’s too late.

SHR is a wholesale service that deals strictly with retail jewelers, pawn shops or other qualified dealers and businesses, all of whom must have their second-hand dealers license.