SHR Precious Metals, Inc. at Florida

About Us

Steve Hartz provides no surprises and no disappointments when it comes to refining your precious metals. In addition to fire assay and immediate-pay on karat gold, we are leaders in refining: acid stone wash, bench sweeps, polishings and as well as your spent silver oxide watch batteries. SHR is also your #1 Source for KEE Gold Testers! We offer 24/7 KEE Tester Support!

Welcome to SHR, where we create a moment of magic, not misery, for our clients. Founded in 2006, SHR operates on Steve's 5Cs of refining - Cash, Convenience, Consistency, Confidence and Control.

We guarantee to exceed your expectations! With more than 3 decades in the precious metals and diamond jewelry industry, Steve and his team are your source for success! Honesty, Integrity and Ethics are three traits

Our Products

Kee Gold Tester

Kee Gold Tester


Upgraded Kee Pen Probe

Upgraded Kee Pen Probe